Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Hills are no longer alive with the sound of music

There was a re-run of "The Hills" on MTV this afternoon. All I could think was ,why did I ever watch such an annoying group of people and enjoy it? Did they just surpass a tolerable level of annoying? Did I get bored with watching people I don't like on TV? Did Kristen Cavallari's voice get even more slow and nasal sounding? Does LC really have that big of an impact on what is successful on MTV?
Whatever it is - Bravo has raised the bar with their glorious Housewives series and their rich little *itchy lives. Oh, to be able to attend a private party at Saks with Jill and the countess. A girl can dream.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

These Boots Are Made For Walking!

The weather outside is frightful and it feels like 100 degrees, but inside the mall, they are cooling things off a bit with some fall fashion. My personal favorite is back with a brand new look - boots!
Boots are pushing the limits with sky high lengths. The taller the order, the cuter the look. It might seem scary at first, but after embracing your old friend with it's new look you will feel like a reinvented woman. Last years's fall wardrobe will be made over with a chic, and fresh new attitude.
If you want to take baby steps, don't be too bashful and try the knee length boot. You can wear it with dresses, skirts, and with your favorite pair of jeans tucked neatly inside.
If you still feel trepadacious, step (pun intended) right into a new pair of booties. They are a little more conservative, but still "c'est magnifique". Don't worry ladies, there is something out there for you and we are all in need of a little treat for our feet. Are you ready boots? Start walking!

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Hills Wedding/ Paris Hilton and Doug what's his face/MTV awards

A lot has happened in the world of pop culture since yesterday.

1) The Hills season finale, where it appeared more scripted than ever. Kristen Cav. makes her debut. They dress her and LC alike...on purpose? hmm Why, oh why, would they do that? Justin Bobby shows up at the wedding. OMG! LC shows up at the wedding, even bigger OMG.....actually didnt we all know that like 5 weeks that gets a little omg.

Spencer and Heidi get married....ahhh.....she got her "dream" wedding. I really hope all the dialogue that came out of Heidi's mouth was scripted because it was pure cheese. She made my toes curl with embarrassment. She did look pretty though. However, being in an episode for so long with her mom and sister, you cant help but notice all her plastic surgery. Kinda distracting.

2) Paris Hilton and Doug (whatever his stupid last name is) are talking about being in love, getting married, and having children. I think I might have just barfed writing this. She was on The View this morning, but it got interrupted by the President. He really is doing all he can to save this country.

3) The MTV movie awards: I didnt watch all of it...but I did watch just enough for now. You have to watch these things in stages so your head doesnt turn to mush all at once. I did kinda enjoy the part with Kiefer Sutherland presenting the award to Ben Stiller. It was a little over the top and I am not sure I like him doing comedy.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Making the Band

Making the Band: I kinda want to go see Day 26 in concert. Donnie Klang is a little bit awkward, especially when he holds a mic. DK girls are just crrraaazzy. I missed Aundrea. Q sweats a lot. Not sure about Dawns it...hate it...cant decide. Diddy cant dance.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It's all about the title

So, here it is. My blog...Celebrity Pop Tart.

Here are some blog names that didnt quite make the cut:


I'm Bloggin it.



Keepin up with Blogdashian.

The Blogs.